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25 Ways to Instantly Boost Your Mood

Sometimes you’re just not feeling it.

You spilled your coffee, locked yourself out of the house, forgot your lunch and it’s only 10am. You had a complete blackout during that important presentation today and that date you had last night… Yeah, forget it. Or perhaps, you’ve had so much to handle at work the past couple of weeks that you don’t even know what a personal life is anymore. Ugh.

Don’t worry: we all feel that way once in a while. It’s part of life.

I know saying that does not make it any better, so that’s why I wanted to share my 25 favorite things to do to boost your mood. These are my absolute go-to’s if I’m not feeling my best for different kind of moods. Because some days you just need to let it out and on others you need some comforting.

Wether you had a bad day, week, month or year: I’m here to pick you up!


1. Give yourself some love

Treat yourself to a massage or a good amount of chocolate (this is my absolute favorite brand!). Whatever you do, showing yourself some love can really make the difference in how you feel.

2. Cry your heart out

Cry, shout, scream. You know that feeling after you’ve had a good cry? I always feel relieved, as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. That’s because crying helps to release all the negative emotions and stress that have been building up in your body and mind all day. So go ahead and just cry it all out.

3. Go for a walk

The fresh air, the wind in your hair… I don’t know what it is, but being out in nature always gives me such a calm feeling. Research has actually shown that being in nature reduces stress and anxiety, while also improving your mood. Need I say more?

4. Escape in a good book

If you’re having a bad day, the thing you probably want to do most is escaping your own reality and be in a different world for just a moment. What better way to do that than by reading a book?

5. Take a nap

Did you know a power nap can really elevate your mood? Only a short 20-minute nap can already make you feel a whole lot better. So here’s your sign of approval to let everything be as is for now and take a nap.

6. Breathe in – Breathe out

Take a few deep breaths in and out to let go of all the negative energy that you’ve been holding onto all day. It’s simple and only takes a few minutes. And I love that you can literally do this anywhere, even at work.

7. Journal and burn

Write down everything that’s bothering you, that went wrong today and that influences your mood. Write it all down and then burn the hell out of it, so that you can forget and move on.


8. Put on some music and dance!

I truly believe in the magical powers of music. Boost your mood and happiness by putting on your favorite happy music and dance! I know you probably prefer sad music right now because it reflects how you feel, but believe me when I say that upbeat tunes are really going to do the trick.

9. Don’t be too hard on yourself

If you’re in a bad mood, it can be so easy to beat yourself up for it. But from experience, I can tell you that being too hard on yourself is only going to make things worse. Instead, try to accept the situation as it is, learn from it and be kind to yourself.

10. Talk about it

Pouring your heart out to someone that is close to you can be so liberating. Verbally expressing how I feel really helps me to get things off my chest and let it go. So go ahead and pick up the phone to call your mom or have a good chat with your other half.

11. Hugs and cuddles

The warmth of a hug from someone you love can make all the difference when you’re just not feeling it! This is the time to hug your partner a little extra or cuddle with a furry friend.

12. Take a shower or bath

In case there’s no one around to cuddle with, taking a shower or bath to wash it all away may be a good alternative. The hot water makes me forget about my bad mood right away. Classic, but always works.

13. Be realistic

Be realistic and put your situation into perspective. While it may seem like what’s been happening to you and what you’re dealing with is the worst thing that could ever happen, it can always be worse. And just thinking about that, suddenly makes the whole situation a lot more acceptable.

14. Bake

I don’t know why, but there’s just something about baking that makes you feel good. The smell of sweet cookies or having delicious cupcakes come out of the oven is just the best feeling when you’re having a bad day. It’s almost therapeutic in a way.


15. Listen to something motivating

Whenever I’m in a bad mood, I love to listen to something positive and uplifting to switch my mood around. Podcasts and ted talks are great resources for this. Especially when I put on my noise cancelling headphones I can really immerse myself in a podcast and block the outside world.

16. Do a workout

Sometimes you just need to blow off some steam. I know you probably don’t feel like putting on your gym clothes right now. But a good workout can really help to blow off steam and release all your frustrations and emotions. Boxing, anyone?

17. Take responsibility

It’s so easy to blame others or yourself for everything that is happening and affecting your mood, but that really doesn’t help to make it better. You just have to accept that it’s the way it is and the only way it’s going to get better is for you to step up and take responsibility. So get up and own it. You’ve got this!

18. Have a good meal

Hmm, food always makes me happy! Make your favorite healthy comfort food or treat yourself and order something good. Enjoy!

19. Watch a funny movie

Jump on the couch, cozy up under a blanket and put on a movie that will seriously make you laugh. Sometimes that’s all you need to make all the bad memories of the day go away and lift your mood.

20. Do something fun or creative

Go shopping with a friend, go out for lunch or start knitting a new scarf. Whatever it is, as long as it’s something you enjoy, it will instantly give your mood a boost!


21. Change your mindset

When bad things are happening all around you, it is so easy to get caught up in it. But focusing your attention on how bad your day is, is not going to get you anywhere. Heck, it may even make things worse. Instead, try to change your thoughts and focus on the positive to get rid of that bad mood.

22. Make a gratitude list

Speaking of mindset: making a gratitude list and writing down the things that you’re grateful for, is a great way to help you focus on the positive. It’s a simple, but very effective way to change your thoughts. And it helps you realize that no matter how bad your day is, there’s always something to be grateful for, even if it’s something small.

23. Meditate

Confession time: the first few times I tried meditation, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. It felt weird, uncomfortable and it was quite challenging in the beginning. Now that I’ve kind of got the hang of it, it’s a way for me to calm and refresh my mind. The app headspace is a great place to start, but you can also find good meditations on youtube. My only advice is to give yourself some time to grow into it.

24. Disconnect

Strangely enough, the urge to check social media is usually higher for me when I don’t feel my best. But trust me, being confronted with other people’s happy moments on social media, is NOT what you need right now. I’ve made this mistake many times and usually it’s only contributing to my bad mood. The best thing you can do is to disconnect for a while and stay as far away from your phone as possible.

25. Drink some tea

Of course, I had to include this one as someone who drinks about 5 cups of tea a day. But especially when I’m in a bad mood, tea is the first thing I run to to calm myself down and feel better. And somehow, it always does its magic.

Just one more thing…

I truly hope these ideas help you to get rid of that bad mood and feel better. If there are any other things that you do that help you to improve your mood, feel free to share them down in the comments below. That way we can all help each other a little bit.

Have a great day, lovely!

25 ways to instantly boost your mood.

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